AEGEO SPA Procedures

Aegeo Spa center is a winter oasis located in Platinum hotel & casino Bansko. Balance the mind, body and soul as you disconnect, unwind and rejuvenate.


 For the people looking to treat themselves to new levels of rejuvenation & relaxation, we have many treatments along with sauna, steambath and many more to provide a multitude of treatments to help you revitalize and recharge.


Face Treatments


  • "ICE EFFECT" face massage - 60 minutes
    PRICE: 150 BGN

A flawless skin brightening experience with outstanding firming results. Visible results upon the first session.

  •   "REJUVANCE” massage - 30 minutes 
    PRICE: 80 BGN

A supreme holistic approach to a natural face lift. This revolutionary antiwrinkle method takes effect on the connective tissues of the face as well as the meridian lines.

  •  HYDRATING face massage - 45 minutes
    PRICE: 120 BGN

    A unique experience of rejuvenation and relaxation in minimum time.

  • LIFTING “KOBIDO” massage - 60 minutes
    PRICE: 170 BGN

    An ancient Japanese massage technique which increases blood circulation, allowing oxygen to flow through the tissues, leaving the skin tightened and firm.

  • MEN'S FACE massage - 60 minutes 
    PRICE: 150 BGN

    An hour of absolute relaxation for men‘s skin. Skin moisturizing care, and face and eyes anti-aging treatment through a relaxing journey.


Body Treatments

  • CRETAN massage  - 75 minutes
    PRICE: 180 BGN

    A profound massage from top to toes based on Cretan olive oil, orange extracts and raki. A travel back in time through the ancient techniques of this massage, giving revitalization 

  •  HERBS & OIL REJUVENATION massage  - 30 minutes
    PRICE: 50 BGN

Cell renewal with herbs and olive oil. Skin becomes smooth as velvet from the first application.

  • ANTI-STRESS massage - 60 minutes
    PRICE: 130 BGN

Mild pressure full body massage for stress relief and balance restoration, providing a total relaxation and rejuvenation of spirit and senses.

  •  BACK, NECK & SCALP massage - 45 minutes
    PRICE: 120 BGN 

Advanced massage techniques used to ease away the stress and strain caused by daily life. In particular, it relieves tension headaches and encourage relaxation.

  •  BODY SCULPTOR massage - 45 minutes
    PRICE: 120 BGN

This massage stimulates blood circulation and sculpts the body to specific areas, mainly targets the area of abdominals and legs.
  •  BRONZING massage - 45 minutes
    PRICE: 110 BGN

An ideal full body experience which prepares the skin before sun exposure for an even tan.
  •  “TAILOR MADE” massage - 30 minutes
    PRICE: 80 BGN

A personalized treatment for all ages. This tailor made massage is based on your needs and requests.



  • AEGEO SPAS RITUAL massage - 90 minutes
    PRICE: 210 BGN

A unique experience that you can find only in Aegeo Spas across Greece. This exquisite combination includes a bespoke massage with blended oils suitable to your needs. Make this journey your own destination.
  • ROYAL DREAM-DEEP RELAXATION massage - 100 minutes
    PRICE: 210 BGN

An intensely soothing massage for the whole body and head, enriched with special essential oils. Ideal for those who face a lot of stress, suffer from insomnia, or seek to experience a deep restful sleep.
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